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Whether you were born and raised in Chicago (like myself), just moved here, or you’re touring our hip and lively city, check out my blog for some culinary insight on where to dine out and what to order. My name is Sage Mahoney and I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Chicago with a certificate in culinary arts. After completing a summer internship as a prep cook at Chef Rick Bayless’ restaurant, Xoco, I had a different culinary career goal in mind.

Although my culinary skills and food palate enhanced, as well as my knowledge of a kitchen operation, I realized that my passion for the art of food should be executed elsewhere…in writing. It’s a very rare case when I don’t share my full dining experiences with others because I love telling people about good places to eat. The restaurants and small shops on my blog are categorized by city location. I’ve listed a few menu items and/or dishes that I believe are truly delicious and will leave you craving more. Think of me as your personal restaurant concierge. I hope you find my blog to be filled with tasty tips of fun. Bon appétit!



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